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Touchstone Homeowners Association Information:
The Purpose of the Touchstone Homeowners Association is to: 
Promote the health, safety and welfare of residents
Maintain and preserve common areas
Promote social activities among families in Touchstone
The Touchstone HOA  (THA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization founded in 1988. It has been key in maintaining Touchstone property values and keeping Touchstone a beautiful and desirable place to live. Every homeowner is encouraged to become a member and support this worthwhile organization by paying the yearly membership dues of only $100 per household. 

Annual Dues are used for the following:
Lawn care and upkeep of entrances and common areas
Irrigation System Maintenance
Electricity and water at our Elm Lane main entrance
Upkeep of entry monuments and signs
Touchstone Neighborhood Website
Dues collection expenses
Book keeping supplies
Social events 
Misc Needs
Please do your part and pay your dues!! 

The Annual Election meeting is held in April.
The Board meets monthly. Meetings are open to all members; please join us! For more information contact; Also, we are always needing volunteers to chair events or help with events; if you are interested in getting more involved and meeting new friends, please contact us!   

Property Restrictions
The restrictions are a legal document tied to your deed. The originals are on file at the register of Deeds located in the County Courts Office Building, 720 East 4th Street, Charlotte.
The Association does the following to encourage compliance:
THA actively encourages Realtors to disclose restrictions.
In the event of a violation, as a first step,  the THA encourages neighbors to talk to offenders, courteously. Often the homeowner is unaware he/she is violating a restriction. The THA will then attempt to contact the homeowner. If this is not successful, the  THA will send a letter with information on the property restrictions to the homeowner, asking that they comply. Finally, THA will refer homeowners to the city/county agencies responsible for enforcing the particular property restriction. Please contact Dennis Slade if you need assistance with this matter. 
Private homeowners can take legal action against neighbors who violate property restriction if they wish to do so.